Ondřej Glogar: Carnyx


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Concert by Ondřej Glogar, with glass musical instruments

Ondřej Glogar aka. ONDRONE

Ondřej has been playing the didgeridoo for more than 20 years and has travelled the world with this instrument. As a street musician he has founded and created several bands, the most famous of which is YEDHAKI:NAUTIKA, with which he released two albums AUDIOHALUCINATIONS 2014 and TRANSCENDANCE 2016 and played more than a thousand concerts, performances and major and international festivals.

He plays a special acoustic and breathing Electro / Techno / HighTech style influenced by the Czech Psy/Rave/FreeTekno subculture of the 90s.

In 2021 he released his first solo album on didgeridoo, handpan and carnyx - POTENTIAL 23 with new moniker ONDRONE// .


With the didgeridoo as his original instrument, he plays tempos and tracks up to 190bpm, all played purely with his own breath. He also creates didgeridoo tracks using analogue synths and effects with Roland Aira hardware and is dedicated to innovative and experimental live techno production.

Over 10 years ago he added a set of cosmic Handpans and started touring with them.

He is the founder of the festival project Organic Tribal Stage, with which he went to some of the biggest Czech festivals - Peruc 2017, Fenix 2017, UfoBufo 2018, UFO BUFO 2019, Fenix 2019, Fenix 2023 , UFO BUFO 2020 and 2022 with the support of his friends from the Czechoslovakian didgeridoo scene

Ondřej teaches Didgeridoo and Handpan and holds courses all over the Czech Republic and Europe. His specific style is his wild and aggressive playing, a combination of electronic modern rhythms played on prehistoric indigenous instruments.

In 2021 he co-invented the world's first glass Carnyx. Two pieces are on display in the Iron Ford Glass School exhibition.

You can also see him in Thai boxing matches where he plays the ancient bronze dragon Carnyx where he stirs up the fighters in the ring at the biggest Czech boxing championships FXN FIGHT in Čez Arena in Prague and Night of the Warriors. He plays the instrument as a guest in the band of the controversial Czech musician and composer Daniel Landa and has played two major tours with it, and a concert with a set for over 70,000 people.

And so, unknowingly, the street musician, wading in the loincloth of a cave-dwelling hippie beach, has become a man moving between the currents of popular world, electronic and alternative rock music, bridging several different musical subcultures in his expression.

Don't miss his concert on 29th August at 7pm at Dr. E. Beneš Square.