A Masterpiece with Respect for Material and Craftmanship


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Glassmaking studio Ladislav Ševčík Bohemia Crystal focuses on rich cutting and engraving of Bohemia crystal glass with the exclusive high-quality handcraft. The precision and geometry found in every detail of the product’s workmanship is unique and unparalleled.

The Ševčíks concentrate on making a rich cut, continuing the legacy of their predecessors. They create new designs, use innovative technical features, deepen the handcraft value and present richly cut Bohemia crystal in the finest light and brilliance to the whole world with their typical style

Their work is based entirely on handwork, skill and feeling. The products can catch the eye at first glance with the depth of cut, combined with the subtlety of matt details and the high gloss of the main cuts. It is the depth of the cut that poses a great risk of breaking through the thickness of the glass product, with often only a few millimetres of material remaining. Deep shiny dominant cuts in combination with fine matt details create a characteristic feature of their rich cut on Bohemia crystal. The cutter must perceive and be able to connect the cut design with the shape of the product. They must know which cut lines should be deeper, which should be more subtle and which angles should be sharper, so that the light on the surface of the glass product shimmers in the most beautiful way and be of the full range of the colour spectrum.

Engravings, or pictures in glass, are not painted with a brush and paint, but are created by master engravers. By precise, ingenious and sophisticated cutting of crystal glass using small discs, the master engraver creates a sculpture, a painting in glass. The only expression of colour and plasticity is the play of light and shadow created by the targeted removal of material and the texture of the engraved surface. This is how the most precisely crafted crystal works are created step by step in the glassmaking studio Ladislav Ševčík Bohemia Crystal.

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