Christmas House


Decor by Glassor, nám. Sokolovské 304/9, Liberec Map




Production demonstrations and creative workshops with Glassor and Rautis. (Christmas Decorations)

Experience Christmas in summer and enjoy the workshops

  • Glassor - creative workshop for painting Christmas decorations

  • Rautis - creative workshop with beaded ornaments

  • Glassor - Christmas ornament blowing demonstration

The Decor by Glassor store will be transformed into a Christmas House as part of the Crystal Valley Week glass festival. From August 28 to September 2, 2023, customers will be drawn to the sound of carols and the smell of mulled wine. They will not only be able to buy glass Christmas decorations, but also make them themselves.

The theme of Christmas and the range of decorations and ornaments themselves will bring festive cheer. Inside, the shop will be lit up with Christmas decorations of various colours, motifs and shapes, which Glassor Decorations designs and produces itself.

It will then be decorated on the outside with a new light installation created as part of the Light for Christmas House project. The unique light projection made of fine crystals on gold wire, from which subtly flickering light is reflected, will remain permanently on the exterior of the 19th century house on Sokolovské náměstí in Liberec, where the Decor by Glassor shop is located. This will make it easier for customers to locate the store.

In addition to selling Christmas decorations, which the company offers year-round in the shop, children and interested adults will be able to try painting and blowing glass Christmas decorations. Compared to last year, the programme of the Christmas House will be enriched with creative workshops focused on bead ornaments produced by Rautis. There will also be a demonstration of blowing Christmas decorations by experienced glass blowers.